• Can I set different point values for each of the Pong-Master® sensors?

    Yes, you can set varying point levels for the Pong-Master's targets. Each target can be assigned one, two or three points for each strike. You may plug in one to six targets at one time. Each point level has two pins for attaching a target. At maximum capacity, you would have two one-point targets, two two-point targets, and two three-point targets. Three targets (small, medium, large) come standard with Pong-Master. You can buy additional targets.

  • Is there any difference between Robo-Balls and other table tennis balls? Can I use other ping-pong® balls with the Robo-Pong®?

    Robo-Balls are regulation size and weight. Balls that are "slick" actually work better in the robot than new balls. Robo-Pong® will use any quality table tennis balls. Balls should be graded 1-star or better. Avoid ungraded or unmarked balls. Our Robo-Balls have been tested extensively with the robot, and provide reliable performance.

  • How do I use Rawn Rubber Drive Cleaner?

    Clear the balls from the head, put some cleaner on a rag and wipe the following parts clean: Ball Discharge Wheel and Friction Block. Remove any excess cleaner before play. You can access these two parts through the front discharge hole or disassemble the head by removing the four screws in the side of the head and splitting the spin label along the seam. Rawn Cleaner is for cleaning rubber parts, not plastic parts.

  • How often do you recommend changing the set of Robo-Balls?

    It's only necessary to change balls when they are cracked, dented or otherwise broken.